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The Sonos PlayBase

The Sonos PlayBase

The Problem 

With technological innovations, televisions have become thinner and sleeker than ever. These advances have made it possible to squeeze four million pixels into something barely thicker than a little finger. Now colours look more vivid and pictures so clear it is surreal, but there are two equally important aspects to all televisions: video and sound. Unfortunately, with a focus on making televisions thinner, it seems the second aspect, the sound, has been neglected and even compromised. With televisions shrinking in size, engineers struggle with delivering anything but substandard audio mainly because the drivers have been reduced to the size of alarm clock speakers. A home theatre size screen with alarm clock sound is an obvious problem.

The Solution

Any sound bar would be better than the misdirected miniscule speakers that are built into modern flat screen televisions, but this article is about one of the best: the Sonos PlayBase. This sound bar fundamentally differs from most; as it is a pedestal that your TV rests on and does not require wall mounting. 

Sonos has been an industry leader for over 15 years making wireless speakers that are easy to use and sound amazing. The Sonos PlayBase raises an already high bar with the design and audio quality, provided by ten amplified drivers (six mid-range, three tweeters and one incredible subwoofer.)

Like all Sonos products, it is easy to configure and the PlayBase incorporates room calibration technology that adapts the speakers to the room to ensure the best possible performance. The Sonos PlayBase provides more than enough bass, warmth and clarity to create an incredibly immersive experience whether watching a movie or playing music. Netflix and chill will never be the same. 

The Sonos PlayBase is a quality sound bar but also a solid foundation if any thoughts of upgrading cross the mind. Simply adding a Sonos SUB and a pair of Sonos PLAY 1, PLAY 3 or PLAY 5 will create a stimulating surround experience. 

The Conclusion

The Sonos PlayBase is the prefect compliment to any television.  By adding sound quality, connectivity, upgradability, smart features and the best app in the business, Sonos shows once again why they are #1.

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