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It is often said that “You can have great sound or you can have it loud, but you can’t have both.”However, this was precisely what the client asked for when he enlisted Hi-Fi Centre to design and install a new music system in his Vancouver home.The design brief specified a system capable of night club volume levels, but without compression or distortion with the ability to deliver world-class fidelity at the same time.  In order to make the client’s wishes a reality, Hi-Fi Centre chose the Mcintosh Reference System.The speakers have a total of 162 drivers, the amplifiers comprise six chassis, each weighing 135 lbs, for a total of 810 lbs.The  power supply for the system is rated at 100amps of current and the subwoofers are capable of producing enough bass to rattle bottles off of the nearby bar.However, if you put on your favourite jazz album, the system produces the same level of tonality and detail as the best hi-fi has to offer.It sounds incredible whether being pushed to the limit or at conversational level.