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La Boite Concept – Form & Function.

La Boite Concept – Form & Function.

La Boite Concept is unique in that it integrates high fidelity audio and strikingly stunning modern furniture design. The company is not new to creating Hi-Fi equipment or distinct designs, studying the history reveals a rich heritage that spans 80 years. In 1938, Marie Cagniard Yeramian created a brand of speakers named Siare, these speakers helped push the envelope in the Hi-Fi industry. Marie Cagniard Yeramian is known as a visionary who broke down huge barriers being a business woman in a time when women were not at the forefront of a male dominated business landscape. Her innovations and contributions to the development of Hi-Fi speakers helped to grow what was a new and emerging market into what it is today. In 1970, her son Thierry joined Siare. He was responsible for the creation of speakers whose modernity and qualities left a mark at the time and were a great success for this leading brand.

Fast forward to 2008, 70 years after the company’s humble beginning, saw an introduction of new blood to the company. Guillaume and Timothée sons of Thierry and grandsons of Marie created La Boite concept. Now three generations bond around the same passion. La Boite concept combines its knowledge of traditional Hi-fi with ergonomically designed all-in-one products that are tailored to new sound technologies (wireless systems, smartphones, tablets, computers). Designed for contemporary environments and ways of living, the products are a perfect blend of form and function. In 2013, La Boite Concept’s first collaboration with a designer was revealed. Together with Samuel Accoceberry, their technical team developed the Cube series, whose compact size and appearance of a small piece of furniture is allied with optimal ease of use for wireless devices. La Boite concept’s loudspeakers are also functional and stylish and can be used as a multimedia desk or coffee table, they meet the requirements of connoisseurs but are still truly easy to use.

La Boite Concept develops audio systems internally, but for some of their products they also call on the aid of well-known designers: Samuel Accoceberry, Olivier Dollé, Vincent Tordjman, to name a few. These collaborations make them true pieces of furniture and give them something unique. La Boite Concept makes their products in Europe so they can have total control over the quality of each component that makes up the finished object.

Hi-Fi Centre shares the same values of quality, innovation and passion for audio and being in the business for over 30 years we too have seen generations bond and build through this passion for quality high end audio equipment. It is a great company with such an inspiring story behind it, that is why we are so proud to carry the wonderfully crafted product line from La Boite Concept. Please feel free to come in to appreciate the beauty and function of La Boite Concept for yourself we are located at 433 CARRALL STREET, VANCOUVER, BC.



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