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BDI Media Furniture


BDI Media

The focus of this week’s blog post is BDI, and since most of the previous posts are dedicated to audio equipment, this article will highlight an overlooked element in the equation. With any hifi setup there are considerations for managing cables, proper ventilation and aesthetics. BDI has designed media furniture that tackles these problems beautifully with models like the corridor and elements. It is now possible to have great sound with the look of minimalist furniture. The former chairman of the Design Council, Sir George Cox defines design as what links creativity and innovation. Design shapes ideas to become practical and attractive propositions for users or customers. It may be further described as creativity deployed to a specific end. BDI does not make audio equipment, but they design and manufacture furniture for the person who is passionate about hifi and has specific needs. The pieces provide storage for the important components in the optimal conditions, all while being stylish.  This is the essence of great design; BDI designs their media furniture to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Some of the features that BDI integrates are wire management, venting, concealed speaker compartments, adjustable shelving and hidden wheels. This article will review the form and the function components of BDI designs.

The function

Wire management

More than a few cables are  required to connect a hifi setup, imagine a pair of Focal Sopra No3, a Rega RP6, a McIntosh C52 preamplifer and McIntosh MC302 amplifier. All connected, that is a lot of cables and cables that are chaotically laid out it will detract from the neat appearance. BDI integrates cable management in the design of all their media furniture, making it the ideal choice when designing or updating a media room or dedicated hifi space.


Ensuring that the expensive pre-amplifier, amplifier or any other hifi equipment has adequate ventilation is critical for the products do not overheat and diminish performance or their lifespan. This is further indication of the design thought that went into creating BDI pieces.

Adjustable shelving

BDI has designed shelving that rests on unique steel pins that are rubber padded to minimize vibration of components and high quality threaded inserts that allow 1.25-inch increments of adjustment as needed. Having furniture that can adopt to the needs of the owner is meaningful, as components come in different shapes and sizes.

Hidden compartments and wheels

BDI has designed optional hidden wheels and compartments in some of their units, this makes moving the unit effortless.  Having compartments to place center speakers or a sound bar also highlights the thought placed in making these quality pieces. 

The form

The aesthetics

They say a picture is worth one thousand words, so to accurately describe the beauty of BDI media furniture might require more words than this blog post would allow. Pictures are the only things that will do it justice:

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