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The Vancouver Audio Festival

The Vancouver Audio Festival

Summer is here again and not many people have as much appreciation for these few short months in the year like a Vancouverite. Anyone can discover bliss during these months because of the near perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold and not too much rain), countless music festivals, all the outdoor activities, and lastly the Vancouver Audio Festival. It may be ironic that with such great weather anyone would dare suggest attending an indoor event and waste the few moments that Raincouver does not live up to its name but, on the contrary, attending the Vancouver Audio Festival should be deemed as an attempt to defy nature and recreate the summer experience of live music and warmth all year. The festival seeks to achieve this feat through experiencing an immersion in high-fidelity audio environments that is sure to evoke the fondest memories of summers gone by. This description may seem extreme or far-fetched but until you experience hearing your favourite record through a $200,000 pair of high fidelity speakers or $70,000 headphones there will be no words that can be conjured to help to relate. The experience of longer summers through the warmth of high fidelity audio does not have to set you back the price of a small mortgage, however. The Vancouver Audio Festival will highlight products with different prices, design and performance but each pursues the goal of absolute musical purity. Speakers large and small, turntables that look like they are from outer space, and a myriad of headphones. The aesthetics range from the most simplistic designs to those that push the boundaries of engineering. All of this will be on display in one place along with representatives from the companies to get more in-depth information for the seasoned or newbie audiophile.


This year the Vancouver Audio Festival will be hosted by us from June24th-25th (10am-5pm) and will showcase what’s new from some of the world’s most renowned brands and the people behind them. Any audiophile would not have to think twice about being present at this event but the Vancouver Audio Festival is not exclusively for audiophiles.  If you have an appreciation for art, music, engineering, design or luxury, the Vancouver Audio Festival is the perfect opportunity to take in a great experience.

The Vancouver Audio Festival is free and attendees can park in our building’s parking lot located at 23 West Pender.


Event Highlights:



Dedicated Headphone section featuring:


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