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Portable Hi-Fi Equipment: Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers and DACs

Portable Hi-Fi Equipment: Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers and DACs

Portable hi-fi 

Hi-Fi equipment and audiophiles share a very special connection that cannot be explained, only experienced. Being constantly surrounded by great music is the dream of every audiophile, that is the reason behind every portable hi-fi product ever created. It can be overwhelming looking at the options available for portable Hi-Fi equipment. This article is a guide to select the right portable hi-fi products to ensure great audio on the move.


It is crucial to buy a good pair of headphone to capture the true essence of the sound. The price of headphones is no longer a determining factor with overpriced, over marketed headphones that have flooded the market. To find a great pair of headphones the key is to see how well it reproduces sound over the full sound spectrum. A good headphone will have no bias to any frequency range, nothing will be over or under represented. Comfort is as important as sound quality; it is important that the overall listen experience is pleasurable. Owners of good headphones will likely become an inseparable from their ear cans. This is because of the level of detail they provide, so headphones are also integrated into the home hi-fi system. It is therefore  worthwhile to invest in a good pair of headphones. Here is a list of a few of the great headphones available at Hifi Centre:


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