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Bowers & Wilkins DB Series subwoofer range

Bowers & Wilkins DB Series subwoofer range

All audiophiles have one thing in common and that is the perpetual quest for improving how sound is replicated. So it is great news when the envelope is pushed and when something this awesome happens, it is hard to hold in our excitement. Bowers & Wilkins has launched the DB Series subwoofer range, the best line-up of subwoofers in the company’s 50-year history. We had early access to these marvelous ground shaking, life changing subs and we are pleased to say WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE. But seeing as though this is our blog article, words must be conjured up to describe the experience because unfortunately these stunning subs aren’t available to the public until the end of May. Apologies for teasing our Bowers & Wilkins enthusiasts with this news, but pre-orders have started so to ease your anxiety you can always come in or call to reserve your DB Series subwoofer.

In the meantime, here are some details about the DB Series subwoofer. The compact size of these speakers is deceptive, and discredits the notion that bigger is better. The “D” suffix in the model names refers to an all new DSP-based preamplifier stage. The R&D team at Steyning has taken what was learned in the development of the 800D3Series and applied it throughout the subwoofer line. There are three models launching and they look as good as they sound, and are a perfect complement to low end sound replication of high fidelity systems. The aesthetics also seamlessly pair with the finishes of the 800D3 and CM Series.

The DB Series subwoofers allow high tech to meet hi-fi with an iOS or Android app which provides access to all features, including Room EQ for creating the most impeccable setup for any area or situation. The DB Series subwoofers are packed with enough power and technology to tackle anything that can be thrown at them, without sacrificing the precise sound quality that Bowers & Wilkins is renowned for. Preorder any of the subwoofers in the Bowers & Wilkins DB Series range ( DB3D, DB2D and DB1D) from us at Hi-Fi Centre

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