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Mcintosh Unleash The Mighty MA1200 Integrated Amp!

Mcintosh Unleash The Mighty MA1200 Integrated Amp!

For many years, integrated amplifiers were looked upon as a compromise for those without the means, space, or power requirements for separates.  They were usually designed with inferior parts, came in smaller chassis and no one would dare compare an integrated to a preamp/power amp.  Nowadays that's completely changed with integrated amps now occupying the same space as their multi-chassis brethren.  In fact many integrateds claim superiority to separates.  Just take a look at the Vinnie Rossi L2iSE, Aavik I-280, Gryphon Diablo 300 to name a few.  In fact there's a new term for these amps that's been floating around - Super Integrateds!

From the day that solid state output devices were created an argument has continued to rage on between which is better - tubes or transistors, with equally strong arguments coming from both camps.  From as far back as the 60's, instead of picking a side, Mcintosh decided to make products from both technologies and allow the customer to pick their favourite.  And then a patter emerged with many customers opting for a tube preamp and a solid state power amp.  This gives the benefit of the warmth and detail of tubes combined with the power of solid state and, therefore, the best of both worlds.

Enter Mcintosh with their latest Super Integrated - the mighty MA1200 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier.  Taking a page from the recent success of the MA252 and MA352, Mcintosh have decided to make their top of the line Integrated Amp a Hybrid meaning it uses Tubes for the Preamp section and solid state outputs for the Power Amp.  So just like the many tube preamp/solid state power amp combinations that came before it, Mcintosh is once again offering you the best of both wolds.  Oh, and how much power output does it have you ask?  How about 350 Watts Per Channel!

This amount of power, the quality of parts used plus the sheer size and weight of the MA1200 would already qualify it for the title of Super Integrated, but Mcintosh weren't done.  You see, the folks at Mcintosh don't bring a gun to a knife fight, they bring a rocket launcher!  And when they choose to compete for your dollar, they pull out all the stops.  To that end, the MA1200 includes their DA2 DAC Module which converts the MA1200 into a fully integrated audio system, just add your favourite streaming source and you're done.  The DA2 has inputs for all your favourite connections: USB, Coax, Optical and it even has an HDMI ARC input which allows for connection of a compatible Smart TV so you can play your TV Shows and Movies through your hifi instead of the embarrassing TV speakers.  


To get the most out of your new MA1200 you will want a really good source.  If you have a large music library we recommend a server from Antipodes or Innuos. If you plan on only streaming (from Tidal, Spotify, etc.) then your best bet will be a Lumin U1 or U1 Mini.  The MA1200 has been Roon Tested which means that if your server/streamer is Roon Ready, you will have no issues connecting it to the DA2 Module.  

No matter what you connect to the MA1200 you are guaranteed a sonic presentation that is unlike any other.  Contact us for a demonstration today!





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