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10 Best Home Theater System Upgrades On A Budget

10 Best Home Theater System Upgrades On A Budget

10 Best Home Theater System Upgrades On A Budget

Building a fantastic home theater system is a labor of love for many people. Getting the right combination of audio and visual equipment for your home is vital in creating a finished space that helps to make your favorite movies come to life in your own home.

One of the best things about creating a home theater system is that you can do so one piece at a time. Instead of having to spend a fortune on one expensive piece of equipment, you can buy individual parts to upgrade your system, getting it closer to the finished article.

Having a fantastic home theater system does not need to break the bank, and in this post, we'll bring you 10 products that can improve your setup without hurting your budget.

JVC 4K Projector

JVC 4K Projector 

There is nothing quite like seeing an amazing movie projected onto a big screen. This 4K projector is compatible with a wide range of inputs, including PC input and HDMI. The USB socket can also power any streaming media sticks, allowing you to stream Disney+ straight to your big screen.

B&W M1 Home Theater Speaker

Now that you can see your movies, you need to hear them. The B&W M1 is a versatile speaker that provides full range response. This speaker comes into its own when paired with a subwoofer. These fantastic speakers can be mounted to the wall, placed on a shelf or even put on the floor with the optional full-length stand.

B&W ASW610XP Subwoofer

B&W ASW610XP Subwoofer

If you need a subwoofer to work along with the M1s, the ASW610XP is a great choice. Give the bottom end of your movies some additional weight thanks to the 10" speaker of this 500W subwoofer. Have no fear that the cone will break under strain as it is made of a mix of paper and Kevlar. The solid construction gives you thumping bass, making explosions feel like you're really there.

Martin Logan Motion 30I Center Channel

The imaging provided by implementing a dedicated center channel to your system will help to improve your home theater setup immeasurably. While your satellite speakers bring you to the middle of the action, the center channel brings sparkling clarity to dialogue and soundtrack.

Martin Logan Motion 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System 

If you're interested in a full-on surround system that works in your space right from the box, look no further than the Martin Logan 5.1 system. This setup provides four satellite speakers designed to be placed around the room, a dedicated subwoofer and a central speaker. Placing these speakers around your room can help you feel like you're on the movie set.

Marantz SR5015 AV Receiver

If your speakers are sorted, we now need to make sure we can get the signal to them. While there are plenty of two-channel receivers out there, purchasing a 7.2-channel receiver such as this model from Marantz allows you to send the sound all around your room, helping your home theater sound like the real thing.

Sonos Arc Dolby Atmos Sound Bar 

Sonos Arc Dolby Atmos Sound Bar

If you'd rather do without speaker cables trailing around your home theater, the Sonos Arc soundbar provides great sound with none of the mess. This soundbar also allows you to stream music from your favorite services, using the Sonos App.

Primacoustic London 8 Room Kit 

Beef up your home theater system with acoustic treatment that will soak up any unwanted sounds, giving you a great aural experience. This acoustic treatment is available in a range of colors to fit in with your decor.

Audioquest HDMI Cinnamon Cable 

Getting the signal from a Blu Ray or media center to your projector can be a tricky task, especially if you don't want to see cables trailing around your home. These fantastic HDMI cables are available in lengths of up to 20m to cope with all but the largest of spaces.

Audioquest Golden Gate RCA cable

To feed your speakers with the sound signal, you need a great cable. These RCA cables are insulated using foamed polyethylene to give you the very best sound quality at all times. Reduce interference by using shielded cables, giving your speakers the best signal possible.

With all of these upgrades made to your system, all you need are some comfy chairs, hot buttered popcorn, some great company and a fantastic film for the greatest theater experience ever, without even needing to leave your home.

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