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How to Find the Perfect Speakers for Your Home

How to Find the Perfect Speakers for Your Home

Bowers & Wilkins Offers an Array of High-End Audio Solutions

When it comes to pure sound reproduction, no audio manufacturer has a better track record of excellence and innovative technology than Bowers & Wilkins. Everything from their trademark Diamond Tweeters to their Matrix Cabinets is expertly designed to reproduce sound with as little distortion as possible. And with solutions ranging from their flagship loudspeakers to outdoor speakers, they offer options for all of your home audio needs. Below we highlight some of their top offerings to see which would work best in your Vancouver, BC home.

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Whole Home Audio

When it comes to really getting into your music, whether it’s in your living room, dedicated listening room or bedroom, we recommend sticking to their flagship speakers. There’s a reason the 800 Series Diamond Range is considered by many to be the best loudspeaker in the world. With unmatched clarity, power and depth, it will let you recreate a live concert experience in your home.

If you find that you have space limitations, you can also use their line of bookshelf speakers. One option is to go with the 600 Series, which offers some of the clearest, most versatile sound available in a small speaker. You can also opt for the 805 D3, which includes the company’s trademark Diamond Tweeter to recreate natural, powerful sound.

Home Theatre

Though Bowers and Wilkins is best known for its 2-channel high-performance audio systems, it also offers a wide variety of home theatre options. Its CT700 and CT800 lines use drivers optimized for high bandwidth and immense power, perfect for movie soundtracks. Create an immersive surround sound setup with their dedicated centre channel speakers, rear/side speakers, and subwoofers. If you don’t have space for a full surround sound installation, you can go with their Panorama 2 soundbar. It’s not only powerful and precise but also stylish and easy to install.

Custom Installation

Sometimes you want to enjoy high-performance audio without the clutter. In this case, Bowers & Wilkins has in-ceiling and in-wall options that are designed to blend into your home’s décor. They offer clear, powerful sound by using Bowers & Wilkins innovative Kevlar bass drivers and aluminum tweeters. The speakers can switch from stereo to surround sound, so you can use them to watch movies, watch TV shows, or listen to your favourite music.

Wireless Sound

As streaming services have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, most audio manufacturers have released their own wireless speakers, and Bowers & Wilkins is no exception. Using the latest wi-fi and digital processing technology, the Zeppelin Air lets you stream your favourite music directly from your iPhone or Android device. It includes dedicated subwoofers and amplifiers to offer deep, powerful sound despite its compact size.

Want to have a drink and enjoy your favourite albums while sitting on your patio? There’s no need to sacrifice quality when investing in outdoor speakers. The AM1 rustproof, weather-resistant speaker is ideal for backyards, pools, or patios. Since it is wall mounted above the listener, the engineers at B&W had to get creative with their speaker design. In the AM1, the tweeter sits below the other drivers to angle the sound downward.

You can test drive all Bowers & Wilkins speakers in our showroom. Whether you’re looking to create a dedicated listening room, upgrade your home theatre or take your favourite music outdoors, we help you find the speakers that would best fit in your home.

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