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Find Out Why Sonos is the Best Option for Wireless Sound

Find Out Why Sonos is the Best Option for Wireless Sound

Stream High-Quality Music Throughout Your Home

Getting a vinyl record out, placing it on your turntable and losing yourself in it for hours may be the ideal way to enjoy your favourite music; but let’s admit it, that’s not how we actually listen to music most of the time. Nowadays we’ve embraced the need for instant gratification, pulling up our phones or tablets to stream whatever song best fits our mood. Even if you’ve given into to the world of wireless audio, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor quality. Deliver crisp, powerful sound to every corner of your home with a Sonos wireless system.

What is Wireless Sound?

A wireless sound system is not the same as a boom box or portable Bluetooth speaker. In this context, it means that your audio components can communicate with your speakers through a Wi-Fi connection. You can stream your favourite music, whether it’s a song from your media library or a playlist on Spotify, on your high-fidelity speakers without having to deal with a clutter of wires. As soon as the urge hits to listen to a specific song, use your Sonos app to pull it up and choose which speaker you want it to play on.

Why Use Sonos?

Most audio manufacturers now offer wireless speakers since music streaming has become so popular. So why should you choose Sonos? Since 2002, they have been devoted to creating audio solutions for the digital age. Whether you’re investing in one of their high-fidelity speakers or using their Connect to add wireless capabilities to an existing system, Sonos offers the best quality when it comes to streaming audio. Through your Sonos app, you can access over 60 streaming services, thousands of online radio stations and even stream your favourite podcasts.

  • Sonos Speakers:If you don’t already have a home audio system in place, Sonos speakers are a great start. You can go with a Play1 speaker that delivers great sound for smaller rooms or a Play3 perfect for larger ones. The company’s flagship Play5 speaker even includes Trueplay technology to tune itself to the room’s dimensions. Feel free to visit our showroom in Vancouver to listen to all of them firsthand.
  • Sonos Connect & Connect Amp:You can use the Sonos Connect Amp to easily stream Sonos’ extensive online music services to your in-ceiling, in-wall, or floor standing speakers.  Already have an existing HiFi?  No problem, add the Sonos Connect and your HiFi becomes another Sonos zone. You can also use the Connect and Connect Amp to link Sonos speakers to hardwired source components. For example, connect your turntable so you can listen to your favourite albums on the wireless speakers installed throughout your home.
  • Quick Access to Your Favourite Music: The Sonos app may be the best part of your system. Integrate all your streaming services and media libraries in one place, so it’s easy to find what you want. Choose the sources you use most and put them in your favourites to access them quickly from your home menu. Found the song you wanted? Now opt to play it on one room, or pair various rooms together to fill your home with sound.  As your song plays, check out the “More Info” section which gives you artist suggestions based on what you’re listening to. This way you can get an all-night streaming playlist going when hosting friends.

It’s time to free your favourite music from its wired constraints. Embrace the future of home audio with a wireless sound system from Sonos.

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