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All I Want for Christmas is

All I Want for Christmas is


The Audioquest Nighthawk Headphones

It’s November and before you know it’s Christmas morning and the tree will be up and awaiting an onslaught of shiny gift-wrapped presents. If you’re a kid, or like us, a kid trapped inside of a grown up, you’re already buzzing with the excitement of the season. The only difference between you now and back then is what’s on your Christmas list. You’ve graduated from ‘my first karaoke machine’ to the wonderful world of high fidelity musical equipment. Check out why the Nighthawk headphones should top your own Christmas list or why they are absolutely perfect for the music lover in your life.

The Aesthetic

Let’s face it, looks matter and who wants to be seen rocking headphones that don’t reflect your personal style? The folks at Audioquest understand the importance of beauty as well as function.

The Audioquest Nighthawk utilizes a unique process where a mixture of wood and plant fiber is heated, liquefied and processed for injected molding giving the nighthawk a distinctive appearance of lacquered burl. According to the manufacturers, this process does not only add to the eye-catching design of the Nighthawk but also serves to improve the acoustic properties when compared to plastics or natural wood.

Another notable feature is the suspension design that draws inspiration from microphone shock mounts allowing the headphones to be placed on various size heads and stay fixed in the most ideal position for full immersion and comfort.


Don’t you hate when you’re totally lost in your tunes, enjoying the vibes when it’s interrupted by a headphone induced headache or sore ear lobes? Well, take comfort, Audioquest set out to design the most comfortable headphones that any audiophile would love to wear and actually can wear for extended periods of time.

The designers took great care to design the nighthawk to seamlessly conform to the listener. Having great headphones that are too heavy or feel uncomfortable can put such a damper on the listening experience and the nighthawk addresses this all too common issue with their ergonomic design.

The Sound


Now that we’ve covered the look and feel of these high end headphones, let’s move on to the most important aspect, the heart of the audioquest nighthawk. The 50mm dynamic drivers are crafted out of biocellulose diaphragm, true voice-coil former and a rubber surround. The nighthawk produces a well-balanced bass that manages to be stand out. Careful not to mud up the mix, it also highlights rich mids and naturally extended highs.

These headphones are not only comfortable to the wearer for extended periods but also delivers a pleasurable listening experience, so you can appreciate hours of listening without the fatigue. What more could a music lover want – hours of comfortable listening pleasure with the specs to make sure you don’t miss out on even the subtlest of tones in the musical masterpiece of your choice.

The Price

The audioquest nighthawk will set you back a pretty penny, but it is more than fair to say that you are definitely getting what you pay for, every penny’s worth. So go ahead and indulge, they are worth the investment.

The Verdict

With so many newcomers scrambling to join the growing high-end headphone market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. Audioquest may be best known for producing high quality wires but their first headphone continues the company’s commitment to excellence. The Audioquest Nighthawk is by far the most comfortable and rich sounding new headphones on the market. With so many innovations in an industry that rarely changes, these game-changing headphones from Audioquest can make your Christmas one to remember.

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