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Where Clarity, Simplicity and Elegance Meet

Unparalleled Precision in Every Note

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Exceptional Turntables

The integration of these technologies results in a speaker system that delivers extraordinarily clear and detailed sound, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Sound to Fill Your Home

Linn systems integrate seamlessly out of the box, making multi-room setup a cinch. And to embed your music at an even deeper level throughout your home.

Elegant Design 

Linn's use of Exakt technology in an aesthetically pleasing package ensures that the speaker not only sounds excellent but also fits seamlessly into any home environment, combining functionality with style.

The Reviews are Glowing

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"Better all around—and in ways that are vitally important musically."

"Rhythmically and dynamically, it's impossible to criticise"


"It’s an exhilarating experience."



Unrivaled Audio Mastery

Founded in 1973 by Ivor Tiefenbrun, Linn has established itself as a beacon of excellence in high-fidelity audio. We began our journey with a groundbreaking vision: to significantly enhance the quality of home music systems through precision-engineering and relentless innovation. Today, Linn is synonymous with unparalleled sound quality, bringing your music into the room just as the artist intended.

Trust Hi-Fi Centre with Your Linn Purchase

Hi-Fi Centre provides in-store demonstrations, allowing you to experience the sound quality of Linn products first-hand before making a purchase. Hi-Fi Centre also offers custom installations, sound optimization in your specific listening environment, and tailored advice on system configurations.


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Linn New Klimax DSM


Next generation Klimax DSM is the best yet, applying decades of audio innovation and digital technology learnings. With its extreme engineering and breathtaking sound, Klimax DSM is the closest you'll get to streaming audio perfection.

Designed from the ground up, Klimax DSM is housed in an exquisite precision-machined new enclosure, providing vital acoustic isolation along with visual and tactile luxury.

On the inside, the beating heart is the ground-breaking home-grown Linn Organik DAC, enabling our most natural sound ever.

Organik DAC: the beating heart of Klimax DSM

Designed without compromise and manufactured entirely in-house, the home-grown all-Linn Organik DAC combines FPGA processing with a discrete conversion stage, enabling us to precisely control and optimise every stage of the digital to analogue conversion process for the first time.

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Linn Selekt Classic Hub

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Linn Selekt Edition Hub

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Linn Majik DSM Integrated Amp/DAC

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Linn Klimax LP12 w/ Radikal (machined), Urika II, Keel, Ekos SE, Ekstatik

Linn Klimax LP12 w/ Radikal (machined), Urika II, Keel, Ekos SE, Ekstatik

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