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Transparent XL Digital 75ohm


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Product Description

XL 75-Ohm Digital Link is a great addition to any well-established Connoisseur Level music or film system that has a top-quality digital source. It works well with other ULTIMATE and TRANSCENDENT Transparent System Companions to create a solid and refined foundation for even closer connections to the music because it frees digital sources to reveal harmonic and spatial details with more tonal richness and dynamics.

XL 75-Ohm Digital Link is handcrafted in the USA. It has a larger, solid-core OFHC center conductor for more foundation than REFERENCE 75-Ohm Digital Link. It too has super quiet, precision-extruded Teflon dielectric with Advanced Expanded Foam Technology for superior 75-ohm impedance stability. Robust, custom- designed, gold-plated RCAs make 360-degree contact with inner shield to combat both noise and jitter. Two OFHC braided shields separated by a Mylar coated foil shield block noise interference. It’s designed from the ground-up with its hefty, precision construction to transfer audio signals efficiently and quietly for better than reference-quality musical impact.

  • Heavy, polished, solid core OFHC center conductor
  • Super quiet Advanced Expanded Foam Technology ensures superior 75-ohm impedance stability
  • Two high coverage OFHC braided shields separated by a Mylar coated foil shield keep noise out
  • Coaxial RCAs that make 360-degree contact with the inner shield maintain the impedance of the cable at the termination point, thereby reducing jitter

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