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Tannoy SGM15 Super Gold Monitor


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Product Description

Larger Than Life

The SUPER GOLD 15 speakers sport 15” woofers that go all in on epic and larger-than-life sound. They excel at any music style that requires massive and punchy lows, while at the same time keeping the critical midrange clear and detailed and the highs silky-smooth and delicious. Modern R’n’B, Hip Hop and certain styles of Electronica and Rock immediately comes to mind. But of course they are also happy to take on any other type of music and will play it back gracefully.

Dual Concentric Precision

We invented the dual concentric speaker design in 1947, and it has been refined and improved continuously over the decades. With SUPER GOLD you get the very latest incarnation of this pristine design that has won critical acclaim over and over for nearly 70 years! 

With our Dual Concentric design, the woofer and tweeter are literally merged together, which positions them on the exact same axis, giving you best-in-class phase coherence. Since the sound is coming from the same point, it is a true point-source imaging scenario, and adding to that a spherical wave front that ensures an extremely even dispersion both vertically and horizontally, the SUPER GOLD’s off-axis performance is breathtaking. 

But what is the benefit when listening? You simply get a very wide and true sweetspot, which means that you don’t have to sit dead-center in front of the speakers to enjoy every single, subtle detail in the music. You can move around, or when you have company, everyone can enjoy listening even if they are not directly in front of the speakers.  

Finally, we constantly refine and improve our dual concentric design, and today we use modern ferrite with copper demodulation rings and high flux magnetic circuit, which perform even better than the original 1970’s Alnico design.

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