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Silent Angel

Silent Angel Forester F1 Linear Power Supply

SKU: Forester F1

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Product Description

A great solution to power high-frequency Hi-Fi audio system, adjust the optimal condition for sound quality. 

Power is the bloodstream to all electronic devices, and it's especially crucial for the highly sensitive Hi-Fi audio equipment, being stable, being less-noise, having low power consumption, presenting the audio nature.

Although human ears could't hear the electronic noise, but it exists, and it can interfere the signal transmission, which would lead to damaged sound quality.

Fully symmetric toroidal-transformer-formed circuit, low-noise MOSFET paralleled to lower inner electronic interference, and adopts thick CNC exterior to reduce the machine vibration, being professionally silent for your music experience.

Silent Angel Forester Power Expertise

- Symmetric toroidal transformers, and low-noise MOSFET paralleled to consolidate the accuracy of power output also ensures stable power supplying, and lower the consumption.

High-Permeability EMI Absorber

- Adopting specially chosen EMI absorber embedded to eliminate high frequency electrical noise, especially when transforming AC power to DC then to the sensitive Hi-Fi audio devices.

Substantial Material Shell

- Facing the high-frequency networked audio system setup, even the tiniest vibration can cause interference, adopting CNC processing technique to eliminate mechanical noise effectively. 

Duo DC 5V/2A Output

- Equipped with duo DC 5V/2A output to amplify the flexibility, one for music streamer; one for network switch, easily forming a Hi-Fi source system to enjoy better music experience.

Silent Angel is a brand of digital audio products that focuses on creating high-quality audio streaming devices and digital audio players. The company is based in China and is a subsidiary of the company called Thunder Data, which is a leading provider of IT infrastructure and cloud computing solutions.

Silent Angel's product line includes a range of digital audio players, streaming devices, and accessories, such as Ethernet switches, USB cables, and power supplies. The company's products are designed to deliver high-quality audio playback and streaming, with a focus on using advanced digital technologies to improve sound quality.

Silent Angel's products feature a variety of advanced technologies, such as high-precision clocks, ultra-low noise power supplies, and specialized data isolation techniques, which aim to reduce jitter and other forms of digital noise that can degrade audio quality.

The company's digital audio players are also designed to support a wide range of audio formats, including high-resolution formats such as DSD and PCM, making them suitable for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand the highest level of sound quality.

Silent Angel has gained a strong reputation in the audio industry for its high-quality digital audio products, with its products receiving positive reviews and recognition from audio enthusiasts and reviewers around the world. The company is committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers, and continues to innovate and develop new products to meet the evolving needs of the audio industry.

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