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My Sonic Lab

My Sonic Lab Signature Platinum Low Ooutput Phono Cartridge

SKU: Signature Platinum

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Product Description

The sound of My Sonic Lab cartridges are the result of master cartridge designer Yoshio Matsudaira seeking natural reproduction by minimizing signal loss, internal distortion, and phase distortion. All My Sonic cartridges utilize Matsudaira-san's unique SH-¼X magnetic core. This special core material has higher permeability and flux density than the typical iron core material used in MC cartridges. It allows My Sonic Lab to use fewer coil windings than other moving coil cartridges, minimizing music robbing distortions and maximizing signal output. This high efficiency approach equals wide dynamic range, fast transient response, low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio. In other words, expect tremendous natural detail and clarity and to hear new layers of information in your favorite records.

The Signature Platinum is the ultimate expression of designer Yoshio Matsudaira's goals. Pure transparency without distortion or coloration. Building upon the design of Signature Gold, the Platinum eliminates the final percentages of cartridge coloration by utilizing a Black Ion Hardened Titanium body that is completely free of any audible resonance. The Signature Platinum is only the 2nd model in the My Sonic Lab line to use a Boron pipe, which is lighter, more rigid and faster than the aluminum cantilevers. The result is pure transparency. After you hear this model, you'll realize every other cartridge you've ever heard adds something that isn't supposed to be there. Signature Platinum is Matsudaira's masterpiece.

" nothing else in my experience has produced this level of realism with the grand piano." -Richard Mak Read the review here


SH-¼X core

Black Ion Titanium body

Boron cantilever

Semi-line contact stylus

Internal impedance 1.4Ω

Output voltage 0.5mV

Compliance 10x10-6cm/dyen

Weight 13g

Recommended tracking force 1.9-2.2g

Recommended loading 100-800Ω (ideal is around 400Ω)

My Sonic Lab is a Japanese company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-end phono cartridges for vinyl record playback. The company was founded in 2003 by Yoshio Matsudaira, who has over 35 years of experience in cartridge design and production.

My Sonic Lab is known for its innovative and unique approach to phono cartridge design, incorporating technologies such as a dual-coil design and an ultra-thin beryllium cantilever. Their cartridges are also known for their ability to extract a high level of detail and musicality from vinyl records.

In addition to their phono cartridges, My Sonic Lab also produces a range of accessories and tools for vinyl record playback, including stylus cleaners, record clamps, and alignment tools.

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