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Lyra Kleos Mono Low Output MC Cartridge

SKU: Kleos Mono

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Product Description

Please Note: Delivery of this product is 4-6 months from date of order. The Kleos is the lowest cost Lyra cartridge to feature the full fledged Ogura manufactured boron cantilever and coil system with Lyra original line-contact (3 x 70μm) stylus. This is similar to what is employed on even the most expensive Lyra models. Nevertheless, the most important element of the new Kleos is it’s sound. We firmly believe that the Kleos is capable of extracting more information from the vinyl grooves than it’s predecessors, and that the reproduction of music is both more dynamic, more detailed, and more natural than the models preceding it. We also are of the opinion that the Kleos will set a new standard for sonic performance at it’s price point. Today there are only a small handful of master cartridge builders in the world, and Lyra’s Yoshinori Mishima belongs to this elite group of individuals that are capable of crafting the highest level MC transducers on the planet. His assistant Akiko Ishiyama, who has undergone several years of apprenticeship, is also involved in the building process leading to each Kleos. The Kleos is not only hand made, but each cartridge is listened to extensively and “voiced” by the master cartridge builder, like the finest musical instruments. Lyra offers a unique combination of capable, advanced cartridge design by Jonathan Carr and complete handmade execution by the above mentioned individuals. Investing in a Lyra Kleos through an authorized retailer will offer you an unparallelled analog experience from your stereo microgroove vinyl records.

Lyra is a manufacturer of high-end phono cartridges for turntables. The company was founded in Japan in the early 1980s by Jonathan Carr, an American expatriate and audio engineer who was passionate about creating the finest phono cartridges possible.

Lyra cartridges are known for their exceptional sound quality, which is achieved through the use of advanced technologies and high-quality materials. The company uses a variety of materials in its cartridges, including natural diamonds, titanium, and boron, to create a warm and natural sound that is highly sought after by audiophiles.

Lyra offers a range of cartridges to suit different needs and budgets, from its affordable Delos model to its high-end Atlas SL. The company's cartridges are also highly regarded for their tracking ability, which allows them to reproduce even the most subtle details of a recording.

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