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IsoAcoustics OREA Bordeaux (up to 32lbs)

SKU: OREA Bordeaux

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Product Description

The IsoAcoustics OREA Bordeaux isolators are the perfect upgrade for your high-end audio system. These isolators are designed to reduce vibrations and resonance, which can negatively impact the performance of your audio equipment. The OREA Bordeaux isolators use IsoAcoustics' patented isolation technology, which effectively eliminates any unwanted vibration and resonance.

The OREA Bordeaux isolators are made from high-quality materials, including machined stainless steel and a proprietary synthetic material, providing exceptional durability and stability. These isolators are specifically designed for use with high-end audio equipment, including amplifiers, turntables, and speakers.

By using advanced isolation technology, the OREA Bordeaux isolators deliver a more accurate and detailed sound, resulting in a more immersive listening experience. The isolators come in sets of four, allowing you to fully isolate your equipment and achieve maximum performance.

Upgrade your high-end audio system with the IsoAcoustics OREA Bordeaux isolators and hear the difference for yourself. Experience music like never before and enjoy a clearer, more detailed sound with these exceptional isolators.

IsoAcoustics is a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of isolation products for high-fidelity speakers and studio monitors. Their products are designed to isolate speakers from the surface they are placed on, reducing resonance and improving sound clarity and focus.

IsoAcoustics' products use a patented design that employs a combination of acoustic isolation and mechanical decoupling to eliminate the transfer of energy between the speaker and the surface. This design allows the speaker to "float" in free space, reducing the amount of energy transferred to the surrounding environment and minimizing the impact of external vibrations on the sound quality.

IsoAcoustics offers a range of isolation products, including speaker stands, isolation pads, and isolation feet, all of which are designed to work with a variety of speaker sizes and weights. Their products have been used in recording studios, home theaters, and high-end audio systems around the world, and have received widespread acclaim for their ability to improve the clarity and detail of sound reproduction.

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