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AVID Volvere Turntable

SKU: Volvere-Black

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Product Description

Includes AVID Altus Tonearm and Ionic Cartridge

Many of the engineering innovations we have pioneered in our flagship models are equally relevant to all our turntables.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Volvere and having evolved over two decades, this latest generation incorporating our latest external DSP signal-generating power supply, which totally removes the vagaries of the mains signal, allows the precise calibration of motor speed so everything is pitch perfect.

Designed and handcrafted to the same precision engineering standards as the Acutus turntable, bespoke versions of the unique clamping, stainless steel bearing and suspension systems have been developed and applied to this novel design.

External vibrations are dissipated by our variable frequency suspension system, effectively isolating the cartridge from extraneous influence making for a dynamic, powerful sound and full of emotion.

Listening to your favourite albums, from Led Zeppelin to Beethoven, the Volvere has the ability to reveal everything, from the low bass power of Rock music, or the rhythmic subtleties of Jazz to the full musical spectrum of a Classical masterpiece.

Volvere delivers a substantial sound, its forte being bass, which it delivers with a weight and power that is rare among turntables in this class. There is more than just bass, because of the very low noise floor, real instruments float in the soundscape and there is excellent front to back depth as well as left to right width, sucking you into a soundstage that will bring you into the performance.

AVID HiFi is renowned for manufacturing some of the finest state-of-the-art HiFi products. Their range includes turntables, phono stages, amplifiers, cartridges, tonearms, loudspeakers, and more. The brand prides itself on breaking the sound barrier by combining powerful design with sonic precision. Their audio equipment is crafted to bring unparalleled enjoyment and realism to the listening experience.

Since its inception, AVID has maintained full creative independence, designing, developing, and crafting instruments that are considered by connoisseurs to be amongst the world's finest. The brand is deeply rooted in a tradition of engineering innovation and pays scrupulous attention to detail, which has earned them universal recognition as a world-class entity. Their primary aim is to deliver true fidelity, without any compromises.

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