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Audioquest Niagara 5000 AC Line Conditioner

Brand: Audioquest

Product Code : Niagara 5000

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AudioQuest continues its war against noise and fortifies its line of Noise-Dissipation Systems with the Niagara 5000. Like all AQ power products, Niagara 5000 exemplifies a comprehensive approach to AC power management—one grounded in verifiable science, representing over 20 years of exhaustive research into AC power products designed for audiophiles, broadcast engineers, and professional-audio applications. Like the flagship 7000, the Niagara 5000 uses AudioQuest’s patented AC Ground Noise-Dissipation System and extremely wide-bandwidth ultra-linear filtering, which work together to minimize distortion and enable greater resolution from audio, video, and digital components. Our Transient Power Correction provides an ultra-low-impedance buffered source for any power amplifier’s power supply, as well as a current reservoir of over 90 amps peak for AC current transients, resulting in tighter, more powerful and well-defined bass.

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