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Dive into the unparalleled clarity and depth of sound that McIntosh delivers, making every listening moment extraordinary.



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Exceptional Durability and Longevity

Over 70 years of Audio Excellence

Global Presence in 40+ Countries

Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

Iconic Status with Over 50 Patents

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Hi Fi Centre: The Premier Choice for Audiophiles

McIntosh is known for its high-quality audio products, and Hi-Fi Centre is known as the best source for equipment. Hi-Fi can help you find the right McIntosh products for you to get you the best possible listening experience, with clear, crisp, and detailed audio



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Discover the McIntosh Difference

Beyond Ordinary Listening

Revolutionary audio clarity handcrafted with premium materials and state-of-the-art engineering. 

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a selection of mcintosh offered by hi-fi centre

McIntosh MC-275VI Tube Power Amplifier

This tube power amplifier has all the features to meet the needs of today’s music enthusiast, while preserving the qualities that have made the MC275 the most revered McIntosh tube amplifier. This sixth generation MC275 has many subtle enhancements from the previous release that greatly improve performance. Combined with the widest bandwidth McIntosh output transformer design, the MC275 features tauter bass control and thermally quiet circuit design. The result is pure music. McIntosh patented, gold plated, speaker binding posts assure the best connection to all speaker cables, while high quality balanced and unbalanced input connectors enhance signal transfer from the connected preamplifier. The seven small tubes are LED illuminated to indicate the amplifiers functional status: upon power up, they sequentially glow amber for a few seconds and then all turn green to signify system readiness (see below). In the rare case of an output tube failure, the small tubes in front of it will turn red to notify you of the problem. Power Control is used to remotely control tube illumination from a McIntosh preamplifier.
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Mcintosh C-12000 Hybrid Tube/Solid State Preamplifier

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Mcintosh MA-12000 Hybrid Integrated Amp with DA-2 DAC

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