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YG Acoustics

YG Acoustics Basis Reference Active Subwoofer

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Product Description

Basis shatters the notion that soundstage-enriching, deep and authoritative sub-bass must come from a large cabinet. Basis performs with the precision of a scalpel and the power of a sledgehammer.

As a true ultra-fidelity subwoofer, Basis has huge bandwidth. It combines an entirely new, innovative driver, extreme cabinet engineering and an exceptional, wideband amplifier: Basis is capable of performing as nearly a full range speaker by itself. When all of this capability is focused on the challenging and all-important sub bass region, the Basis proves its place well beyond the competition.

Where other high-end subwoofers still struggle to avoid harmonic distortion, Basis delivers industry-leading behavior at the very lowest frequencies, with true fundamental bass for the discerning audiophile.

It does this powerful work seamlessly, weaving bass energy into the expanded soundstage as if the Basis is an elemental part of the foundation. Graceful curves and diminutive size belie an authority and strength we have only found to be bettered by our legendary Invincible subwoofer.

For Basis, we incorporated a holistic design approach aimed at achieving the ultimate in high-end subwoofer performance. That we also achieved this in a compact package, one which can disappear sonically and visually in any listening environment, was a satisfying by-product of our process.

Listeners can enjoy a single unit, or stack multiple units in Duo or Trio configurations. This does much more than simply adding greater power: stacking loads rooms more evenly with bass energy, flattening modes more effectively than any other strategy.

Basis lends beauty and soul to a reference-level system, delivering a meaningful improvement without adding any character of its own. Its quiet strength comes from thousands of hours of development focused on every single aspect of the design.

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