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Naim Uniti Atom - In A League of Its Own

Naim Uniti Atom - In A League of Its Own

The Naim Uniti Series of Network Streaming Amplifiers changed the landscape of audio by combining all the things you need for a complete home audio system and placed it conveniently in one box.  The first generation units sounded great but they left a bit to be desired in the looks department.  They were standard issue Naim green with green displays and a reasonable but not outstanding app.  Fast forward a number of years and we come to the current range of Uniti products which include the Nova, Star and Atom.  So what changed?  Well, everything!  Gone is the old school casework, replaced by gorgeous new lines.  Gone is the drab monochrome display, replaced by a huge LCD display which you can see from your chair.  Gone is the so-so app witch has morphed into what is easily the best music control app in the business.  But thankfully what isn't gone is the amazing Naim sound, in fact that has taken a leap forward as well.  

The subject of today's post is the Naim Unit Atom.  We fell in love with the Atom when it was launched in 2018 and we love it even more now because Naim made a running change and added the optional HDMI input as a standard feature.  While the Atom may be the smallest in the Uniti range and is physically compact, there's nothing small about its performance.  Connect it to a pair of power hungry speakers and it just sings! In fact, connect it to any pair of speakers and you are guaranteed a huge smile on your face.  And that's exactly what happened to Andrew Robinson when he reviewed the Uniti Atom on his YouTube Channel - Recovering Audiophile. Check it out below.


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