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Gryphon EOS2 Arrive at Hi-Fi Centre

Gryphon EOS2 Arrive at Hi-Fi Centre

Gryphon is a well-respected name in the high-end audio world, and their latest offering, the EOS2 loudspeaker, is no exception. Designed by Gryphon's Industrial Designer Soren Slebo and Chief Loudspeaker Designer Benno Baun Meldgaard, the EOS2 loudspeakers deliver innovative solutions to achieving big speaker sound in small rooms.

One of the standout features of the EOS2 is the unique "Stealth" enclosure. The purpose-engineered front baffle enables the drivers to yield smooth dispersion and uniform energy output, as well as a more stable and dimensional soundstage. Additionally, the exterior of the enclosure has been sculpted to function as an efficient diffusor of standing waves, while the interior has been critically shaped to eliminate standing waves and cabinet resonances.

Another unique feature of the EOS2 is Gryphon's proprietary "Line porting" technology. This new way of directing the back wave of the mid-woofer towards the ports ensures a perfect path for the low frequencies to exit the enclosure while providing efficient damping of frequencies above the 60-80 Hz region. The result is shockingly fast and clean bass reproduction, free of distracting upper-frequency artifacts.

The EOS2 also offers unmatched versatility in speaker placement, with the ability to be either front- or rear-ported by means of removable port plugs, as well as a three-position phase switch to ensure ideal response at the listening position.

Despite being Gryphon's most accessible loudspeaker, the EOS2 offers uncompromising parts and build quality. The proprietary woofer features a Thin-ply Carbon Fiber cone manufactured to Gryphon's specifications by the world's leading fabricator of Formula 1 components. The tweeter, also proprietary, uses a large (34mm) Beryllium dome and resonance-free rear enclosure for enhanced dynamics and low-end response. Hand-assembled from the finest components, the PCS (Progressive Curved Slope) crossover maximizes power handling and ensures a seamless transition between drivers. With 91 dB efficiency and 4 Ohm minimum impedance, the EOS2 presents an easy load for virtually all high-quality power amplifiers.

In addition to its impressive sound quality, the EOS2 is also aesthetically pleasing. Its handsome, stringed front grille combines beauty and protection with acoustic transparency. As Gryphon's new entry-level loudspeaker, the EOS2 not only revolutionizes affordable performance but makes it possible to assemble a world-class music system at a price that was previously impossible. Combine the EOS2 with a Gryphon Diablo Integrated Amplifier and Rosso cabling for a system whose aesthetic beauty and pride of ownership is surpassed only by its matchless musicality.

In conclusion, the Gryphon EOS2 loudspeakers are an impressive addition to the high-end audio world. With their unique "Stealth" enclosure, "Line porting" technology, and PCS crossover, the EOS2 delivers unparalleled sound quality and versatility in speaker placement. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or just starting to explore high-end audio, the Gryphon EOS2 loudspeakers are definitely worth considering.

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