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Does An Amplifier Improve Sound Quality?

Does An Amplifier Improve Sound Quality?

Does An Amplifier Improve Sound Quality?

When setting up your home h-fi system, it is important that you have all the required elements. For most situations, an amplifier is seen as one of the most crucial pieces of equipment.

What is an amplifier?

In basic terms, an amplifier is a device or element that increases the power of a signal. An amplifier can be a standalone piece of equipment or part of the electrical circuit within a device. Without an amplifier in a hi-fi system, there would be no way of amplifying the small signals that come from sources such as CDs, record players, MP3 players, and other devices. Amplifiers significantly enhance the listening experience, and hi-fi wouldn’t exist without them.

Amplifier Classes

Most amplifiers are allocated a "Class" type. The most common classes are A, AB, D, and G.

Class A amplifiers are regarded as the best because they give the best sound performance, but they are usually quite large and can also be expensive.

Class AB amplifiers are slightly cheaper and are the most commonly used class.

Class D amplifiers are becoming more popular thanks to their compact size, lower heat output and lower price tag.

Class G amplifiers are seen as an updated version of the AB. They offer lower power consumption and less wasted heat, without costing a lot of money.

What is the difference between pre-amp and a Power amp?

You may come across this description and wonder what it means. Essentially, a pre-amp is a quiet amplifier that takes a small signal and boosts it so that it is sufficient input for a more powerful one. A Power amp is a more powerful one and is used to drive actuators such as speakers.

Types of Amplifiers

There are several different types of amplifiers available to choose from.

Integrated amplifiers are an all-in-one solution that houses both the pre and the power stages in one single unit. They are often designed to save space and provide good all-around performance. However, the integrated amp is seen by many as opting for convenience over quality. An ideal hi-fi system would have separate pre and power stages.

Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier

The Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier gives the pure, unforgettable sound many associate with the Marantz brand. It features a discrete, two-stage design and unique Marantz HDAM technology, ensuring unparalleled signal purity.

The Accuphase E480 Integrated Amplifier features the revolutionary AAVA volume control, a rated output of 180 watts into 8 ohms, and a high-efficiency transformer.

The NAD D3020 V2 Digital Amplifier/DAC uses the latest high-speed digital technology and offers inputs for both digital and analog sources. The D3020 allows low-impedance drive and high dynamic power while maintaining vanishingly small distortion levels. This lets the D3020 sound even more powerful, and it can sound better even than a 100W amplifier from another brand.

Separate pre and power amplifiers

Opting for standalone pre and power amplifiers means that they each have an individual power supply. Because the two stages of the process are being separated, there is no risk of sound impediment.

The Marantz MM7025 2 Channel Amplifier is aesthetically pleasing and serves all your listening needs. The current feedback circuit ensures incredibly pure sound reproduction, regardless of the source. The MM7025 is less than 14” deep and can even be rack-mounted. Like all premium Marantz products, the MM7025 provides an exceptional listening experience.

The AVM SA 6.3 2 X 200 Watts Stereo Amplifier is a Class A/B amplifier that delivers in excess of 225/335 watts per channel (8/4 Ohm). It has three separate power supplies, features a pair of speaker terminals (for Bi-Wire configuration), and has a large clear graphics. Best of all, it sounds magnificent!

Linn Majik 6100 6 X 100 Watts Power Amplifier

The Linn Majik 6100 6 X 100 Watts Power Amplifier is a cool-running, reliable and highly efficient amplifier for use in stereo or multi-channel systems.


Preamplifiers (preamps) boost the strength of your sound so it can be heard without distortion.

Accuphase C3900 Precision Preamplifier

The Accuphase C3900 Precision Preamplifier offers ultimate performance and sound quality combined with a great look. Featuring a new volume sensor construction, newly-developed filtering capacitors and separate unit amplifiers for left and right, the C3900 truly is a high-performance headphone amplifier.

The AVM PA 30.3 Preamplifier/DAC features a high-class phono part as well as digital inputs and Bluetooth 4.2 with high resolution. Only the most modern components are used, and the highest level of sound is produced.

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