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Bowers & Wilkins 600 S2 Anniversary Edition

Bowers & Wilkins 600 S2 Anniversary Edition

The original 600 Series, launched in 1995, ushered in a new level of performance and build quality for affordable speakers.  Since then, with every new 600 Series we have seen technology trickle down from the top of the range 800 Series.  Never has this been more evident than in the current 600 S2 Anniversary.

The first and most obvious technology to come from the 800 Series is the Continuum Cone.  Bowers and Wilkins worked for 7 years to develop a material to replace Kevlar which had become synonymous with the brand.  To justify such a radical move, the performance improvements had to be significant.  And as we have seen in the 800D3 range, they certainly are. 

While not as obvious as the Continuum Cone, the tweeter also benefits from 800 Series technology in the use of the tapered Nautilus tube which eliminates unwanted reflections which would hinder the tweeter’s performance. The new tweeter also benefits from B&W’s Decoupled Dome technology to further eliminate resonances and deliver outstanding performance.

For the first time in many years, Oak is being offered as an option alongside Black and White.  

The new 600 S2 Anniversary Series is a perfect choice whether you are looking for a 2 channel music system or home theatre.  


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