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Borresen Acoustics 01 - Incredible Review

Borresen Acoustics 01 - Incredible Review

Audio reviewers have a great job.  There is a train of equipment flowing through their homes that they get to listen to, and then write comments in a way that will not only be interesting to read but attempt to give the reader some insight into the components' performance.  They use all sorts of phrases that we have become accustomed to and sometimes even poke fun at.  Remember the last time you read about "air around the instruments?"  

If you read 5 or 6 reviews you will probably see a lot of similarities in the praise that reviewers are willing to give.  The praise is genuine, but at the same time reserved and in many cases polite.  Why is this so?  Probably because equipment made today is so darn good.  When was the last time you read a really bad review?  Then again when was the last time you heard a really bad piece of hifi?  Products made today are light years ahead of where we were just 10 years ago and often we are spoiled by the excellent choices available.  In the same way, reviewers are spoiled by the quality of equipment that comes through their doors.  

However, every once in a while, a component performs so clearly above and beyond the rest that the reviewer has no choice but to use words such as "best, finest, favourite, etc."  The subject of the review in this blog post is the Borresen Acoustics O1 Monitor Speaker and the reviewer, Dr. Michael Bump, writing for Enjoy The Music, states simply that the 01's are "finest such speakers I've ever heard."

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