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Wolf Cinema TXF-2000 4K Projector

Brand: Wolf Cinema

Product Code : TXF-2000

$12,995.00  $27,000.00
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With the release of our all-new Theater Extreme flagship model TXF-2000, the Wolf Cinema engineering team has delivered one of the finest three-chip, 4K rendering D-ILA home cinema projector yet made. In a “price no object” design approach – but still within reach of most dedicated home theater enthusiasts – the TXF-2000 will deliver amazingly lifelike images, with stunningly accurate color renditions and fast black-to-white transitions. In fact, with the TXF-2000’s industry leading dynamic black level performance at ~1,500,000:1, there are times you’ll wonder if the projector is even turned on! There’s no mistaking the TXF-2000 performance: the subtle nuances of complex film scenes, the incredible photographic detail, the feeling that “you are there” when watching your favorite HD and Ultra HD (4K) sources… an experience that many will say is beyond words or measure. As with every Theater Extreme solution, the Wolf Cinema production team hand-builds and thoroughly tests each projector before it leaves the factory. QC and c home theater alibration team members pay careful attention to every detail. The matched sixth-generation three-chip D-ILA® (Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) engine is aligned with a set of precision optics for ultra-sharp renditions from today’s most demanding HD and 4K sources. And our VariScope™ lens memory system facilitates rapid access to ten of your favorite TV and film aspect ratios – ex: 1.78:1, 1.85:1, 2.20:1, 2.35:1, 2.40:1 – without an external anamorphic lens. Sit back and enjoy that full 2:35:1 CinemaScope® widescreen experience and eliminate those unwanted top/bottom “black bars,” on suitable home theater ‘Scope screens. The optional ProScaler MK IV (called the TXF-2000 Ultra 4K ensemble) provides four 18Gbps high speed HDMI 4K60p inputs and outputs, with truly reference video image processing and signal management – all to deliver the ultimate images from SD, HD and Ultra HD (4K) sources.

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