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Vinnie Rossi Signature Preamplifier

Brand: Vinnie Rossi

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Likely the world’s first example of extreme performance derived from absolute circuit reductionism, the L2 Signature Preamplifier brings an unmatched listening experience. We configure only one pair of the finest sounding 4-pin, directly heated triodes (DHT) in a dual-mono, class-A, grounded-grid topology with zero feedback. Absolutely no compromises in bandwidth, phase, speed and directness, and no distracting effects of driver tubes, coupling caps or output transformers equates to reproduction of music with intense spaciousness, harmonic sophistication, liquidity and detail that surpasses small triodes and transistors alike.

Vinnie Rossi also included various degrees of flexibility into his statement design. Numerous DHT tube families are compatible with the flick of a switch, and the tubes can be easily bypassed and substituted with a purist JFET buffer stage for a change of mood or to assess the precise contributions of a particular pair of tubes against a bypass. Perhaps most enticing are the optional L2 Dac and Phonostage add-on modules, each fed from independent, super-regulated power feeds. If you crave the incomparable sound of big, direct-heated triodes without limitations, we invite you to experience the incredible sense of realism and effortless musical connection that the L2 Signature Preamplifier delivers.

Each unit is meticulously hand-built and tested by Vinnie Rossi himself. Its no-compromise construction with integral resonance control and use of the highest-quality components assure that the listener will enjoy superior performance for many years.

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