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Naim Nait XS3 Integrated Amplifier

SKU: Nait XS3

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Product Description

The Naim Nait XS3 Integrated Amplifier is a true powerhouse of an amplifier, delivering exceptional performance, stunning detail, and incredible versatility. With its advanced technology and refined design, the Nait XS3 offers a natural, detailed sound that captures every nuance of your favorite music.

Featuring a Class-A preamplifier circuit with a discrete transistor design, the Nait XS3 ensures accurate and precise amplification of your music, resulting in a more dynamic and detailed sound. The amplifier also includes a powerful 70-watt per channel output, allowing it to drive even the most demanding of speakers with ease.

Crafted from premium materials and finished with exquisite attention to detail, the Nait XS3 is both stylish and functional. The amplifier features an intuitive user interface and advanced playback controls, making it easy to navigate and enjoy your music collection.

With its support for a wide range of inputs, including two line-level RCA inputs, a DIN input, and a built-in phono stage for moving magnet cartridges, the Nait XS3 is a versatile amplifier that can handle all your favourite music sources with ease. Additionally, the amplifier features a high-quality headphone amplifier, allowing you to enjoy your music privately with the same exceptional sound quality.

The Naim Nait XS3 is a true testament to the brand's commitment to delivering the very best in audio performance. With its exceptional sound quality, sleek design, and advanced features, the Nait XS3 is the perfect choice for audiophiles who demand the very best in integrated amplifiers.

Naim Audio is a British audio equipment manufacturer that specializes in high-end audio systems, including amplifiers, network players, loudspeakers, and music servers. The company was founded in 1973 by Julian Vereker, who was a racing car driver and self-taught engineer.

Naim Audio is known for its unique design philosophy, which emphasizes musicality and natural sound reproduction. The company's products are designed to deliver a "live" and engaging listening experience, with a focus on accuracy, detail, and timing.

One of Naim's most notable innovations is its proprietary "Naim Streaming Platform" (NSP), which allows users to stream high-resolution audio from a variety of sources, including streaming services, local servers, and USB storage devices. The NSP also includes advanced features such as multi-room audio, hi-res audio playback, and internet radio.

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