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Linn Exakt Akubarik System

Brand: Linn

Product Code : Exakt Akubarik

$23,000.00  $50,000.00

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This is a complete Exakt Akubarik System including Exakt Akurate DSM Player and Exakt Akubarik Speakers.

Gloss White is a premium finish but is included at no extra charge.

Local pickup only because original owner unfortunately threw away the boxes.

Behind the elegant curves of the Akubarik speakers are a host of powerful technologies derived from our flagship Klimax system, plus the Akubariks have a few tricks of their own. The Isobarik bass system fires deep, powerful and controlled bass downwards through a precisely engineered air gap, while the 3K driver array ensures stunning clarity from mid and high frequencies. Integrated Exakt electronics and amplification complete the package. Linn's innovative integrated speakers have power and intelligence built-in. A specially designed module, suspension-mounted on the back of each speaker, houses the powerful amps and Exakt electronics that optimise performance. Now you don't need lots of hi-fi separates to make great sound.

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