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Elipson Omega 100R Turntable w/Phono Preamp

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Brand: Elipson

Product Code : Omega 100RIAA

$499.00  $799.00

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Entirely designed and developed by Elipson’s designers and engineers, the Alpha 100 RIAA turntable is a concentrate of technology and innovation.
Due to advanced electronic design, the Elipson turntable can work on any voltage and any frequency in the world. Digital Sinusoidal Signal synthesis for the best ever precision in RPM through state-of-the-art european electronic design. Through DDS, the Elipson turntable is enabled auto speed control with digital slope to avoid belt skating and prevent motor reliability. Motor is sustain to prevent vibration. Elipson developed a specific advanced tonearm. The orbital structure gives perfect precision, inside torsion is adjustable for anti-skating.

The built-in MM/MC Phono Preamp allows you to connect the Omega 100R to the line input of any preamp, integrated amp or AV receiver.

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