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Clearaudio Magnify Tonearm

Brand: Clearaudio

Product Code : Magnify

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The Magnify is the result of careful optimization to fully exploit the advantages of the extremely lightweight carbon fibre material. Its hybrid bearing on high-precision balls and magnets make the Magnify tonearm something special. This innovative design not only ensures interference-free and resonance optimized playback, it also noticeably simplifies set-up and adjustment. The headshell and azimuth can be easily fine-tuned and with the optional VTA-Lifter it is possible to adjust the VTA even during playback. This tonearm defines the standards – not least because it is compatible with many cartridges. It is equipped with high quality Clearaudio DIRECT WIRE in a continuous run from the cartridge connectors to the tonearm cable plugs. A tonearm that stands for ultimate sound clarity.

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