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Audio Note KASSAI Tube Mono Amplifier

Brand: Audio Note

Product Code : KASSAI

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The Audio Note (UK) Kassai Mono Power Amplifiers are a Pure Class A Single Ended valve amplifiers that uses the highly regarded 300B triode valve, producing a level of performance that is radically superior to the vast majority of current designs.

They have been specifically engineered for sonic performance rather than technical specification, and fulfil all Audio Note (UK) Level 4 criteria: -

Pure Class A operation

Zero Negative Feedback

Single Ended Output Stage

Valve Rectification

Directly Heated Triode operation

Materials and component quality

Each amplifier is completely hand assembled, and is equipped with the following components: -

Audio Note (UK) custom Output Transformers using Copper primary windings, AN(UK) Silver secondary windings and AN(UK) UHiB double C cores

Audio Note (UK) custom 1 Watt Tantalum resistors

Audio Note (UK) Copper Foil capacitors

Audio Note (UK) Silver internal wiring

Black Gate capacitors in critical areas

Each KASSAI Balanced amplifier is equipped with input and output transformers that are unparalleled in design, quality and performance at this price point in the field of Audio reproduction.

The balanced / XLR input transformers are hand wound by Audio Note (UK), and feature a copper primary and Silver secondary. The core material is of the highest quality, to offer the finest possible signal path from your preamplifier.

The output transformers are similarly specified, with a copper primary and Silver secondary. The cores are our own Double C design and are manufactured from our own UHiB material. As would be expected, they are custom designed and manufactured by us, in house in the U.K.

As is expected of an Audio Note (UK) Level 4 product, each amplifier is equipped with valve rectification, supplied by a selected 5U4GB valve.

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