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Antipodes EX Music Server

Brand: Antipodes

Product Code : EX

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The Antipodes EX is an evolution of the Antipodes EDGE, but the EX is made to the same specification level as our flagship DX, becoming only the second Antipodes music server to get the 'X-Series' designation. The EX uses the same V4X circuit for signal handling that is used in the DX and the only difference driving relative audio performance is that the EX uses a single internal ODAPS2 power supply and the DX uses internal Dual ODAPS1 Power Supplies, allowing for greater separation of the server app and renderer app in the DX. Other differences from the DX are that the EX uses the half-width form factor, user-installable storage and does not have an integrated ripper. The EX is built in four separate chambers, separating wiring and switches, the power supply, storage disks and signal handling from each other. And the EX is the first Antipodes music server to use our newly developed ODAPS2 power supply technology, which reduces high frequency noise without resorting to filtering that would impede the speed of current delivery needed in a music server. The EX is a superb renderer, and its full potential is delivered when it is performing just the renderer function and receiving an excellent input signal. Used on its own the EX is a stunning value entry model to the Antipodes X-Series. Upgrading it with a CX to the CX+EX solution, where the CX performs the server function lifts performance to the absolute state of the art.

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