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Antipodes DX Gen3 Music Server

Brand: Antipodes

Product Code : DX


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The current Antipodes DX is the third generation of our flagship one-box model, integrating autoripper, server & renderer functions, and is a Stereophile Class A+ Recommended Component.

The DX has not only enjoyed the reputation of arguably the world's best music server for several years, it is unique in providing exceptional digital audio sound quality together with one-box simplicity and ease of use. Ongoing development has continued to keep the DX at the head of the pack. The key to the increased performance of the third generation DX is the new V4X circuit developed originally for the DX, but which is now also used in the Antipodes EX.

But the DX is not just a full-width version of the EX with an integrated ripper. The reason the DX outperforms the EX in sound quality is that it uses dual power supplies and this improves the separation of the server function from the renderer function.

Our experience developing and refining the DX, since the first generation DX was released in 2014, has led to the new Antipodes EX and CX, and these new models offer different combinations of features and benefits, but the DX remains the ultimate one-box solution.


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