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Antipodes CX+EX Bundle

Brand: Antipodes

Product Code : CX+EX


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The Antipodes CX+EX Solution is physically the same thing as a CX and an EX, with the CX dedicated to running only the server app and the EX dedicated to running only the renderer app. With this configuration, the reduction in noise levels in each unit is dramatic, and with the new direct Ethernet connection between them, the CX+EX solution is jaw-droppingly superior to anything Antipodes has offered before.

The CX+EX solution is the absolute ultimate music server system, with the low-noise optimisation of both units having a big impact on the final result. You can start with just an EX, or just a CX, and add the other unit later to get to the CX+EX Solution.

A CX and EX can be placed side by side and be the same foot-print as a full-width component. They should not be stacked directly on top of one another as they need cool air to enter from underneath the unit and for warm air to exit through the top plate.

Owners of the CX+EX solution can use any USB ripper to auto-rip their CDs, or add the new P1 platform, with its integrated high quality ripper, to the CX. The CX is designed to that you can add your own storage disks, and you can self-install up to 4TB of HDD or up to 8TB of SSD storage. Use of SSDs improves dynamics, high frequency sweetness and speed, and is significantly more musically engaging. If you prefer to have your storage disks pre-installed then your dealer can assist you.

The EX stereo analog output is dramatically enhanced when you upgrade an EX to CX+EX, so much so that it can make more sense to add a CX rather than a high quality USB DAC as the next step for your EX. This adds more support to our view that very simple DACs can sound wonderful if they receive an excellent digital signal. The benefit of high quality DACs is still apparent, but cannot make up for a poor server.

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