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Ansuz PowerBox Low Voltage Power Supply

Brand: Ansuz

Product Code : PowerBox

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One of the key points that have been of main concern since the introduction of the first Ansuz Acoustics product have been to bring down the noise floor in any Audio/Video system – without harming the musicality, energy and dynamics. Something that cannot be done with traditional power conditioner designs. 

At Ansuz we use different types of coil technologies to noise shape and suppress the noise by countermeasures. Those technologies are scalable, so the more of the different types of coils that are included in a system the lower the noise floor drops and the more darkness, dynamics and details you will experience. Another strong advantage of this technology is that it is also are able to “flow upstream”. For example, if you got an audio/video system with an Ansuz Mainz8 power/ground distributor and you add an Ansuz PowerBox to drive your active Ansuz cables, you will not only be able to get the best performance out of your cables -you will also improve the overall performance of the whole system because the noise cancellation on the mains side have improved a lot by the Mainz8 and the PowerBox working together to suppress noise.

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