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Ansuz Mainz8 Power Distribution

Brand: Ansuz

Product Code : Mainz 8

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The Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors comes in more versions, they all are pinnacle products giving your HiFi-components the very best working conditions. Models differ in design and of caurse in the amount of built-in technologies in each quality level.

Either of the Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors will supply a steady flow of current to even the most demanding High End system. With an massive capacity of grounding through star grounding technology, all models deliver the perfect groundwork for High End performance.

The Ansuz Mainz8 each have 8 dedicated mains outlets and all features the same extremely low impedance star grounding system.

Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors basicly distributes mains power and the effective ground connection and the top levels are packed with technology and the experience we have gained from our work with Audio R&D.

A signature features to all Ansuz power distributors, the outlets are mounted sideways so that the connected cables do not tear up in all directions but can easily be arranged along the floor or behind a rack system. No efforts are spared to achieve a design with soft lines and organic shapes making the Mainz8 power distributors high performing, functional and beautiful at the same time.

Audio R&D work is not something you really can plan, because where is the button for more music…?? So, when we developed our mains cables we became very much aware that the technology package we developed for the cable line really had potential for being mounted inside a mains power distribution unit.

The technology discovered proved incredibly strong in conditioning then mains current to be best the possible for use in HiFi-equipment environments. So we simply had to explore further and develop this line of power distributors.

The Mainz8 unit exploits two different ways of conditioning the mains current, a passive and an active mechanism, the passive coil-based mechanism rounds of noise transients, so your Hifi equipment better deals with transient current noise and an active where the noise spike is sampled and a counter noise transient spike is added to further condition the current to an even lower noise floor for an unmatched clarity and spatial focus.

Ansuz Mainz8 kurve 300px

A counter noise transient spike is added to further conditioning the current.

Mains current noise is delicate matter, if you use too strong tools you also remove the music transients that keeps the music alive. The Mainz8 power distributors parallel way of filtering simply avoids the compression of inductive serial components and let you enjoy the live sensation of music.

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