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Absolute Sound Illustrated History of High End Audio - Loudspeakers

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The first volume of TAS’s Illustrated History of the High End covers the evolution of high-performance loudspeakers from their earliest days to the present, profiling the key companies, products, and individuals who helped create the most innovative, influential, and iconic loudspeakers of the past, as well as the designers who continue to push the envelope today. This 320-page deluxe coffee-table book is packed with fascinating details, including many never-before-revealed stories and photos: What happened five minutes after Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland played their prototype electrostatic panel for the first time? What did a high-end retailer say to Arnie Nudell upon hearing the Servo-Static in 1968 that made Nudell quit his job as a physicist and launch Infinity from his garage? How did Jim Winey, leaning back in his chair and looking at the ceiling, inspire the Magneplanar design? Who made the first stereo orchestral recording, and when? What breakthrough allowed Acoustic Research to turn a $6000 investment into a company that owned a third of the U.S. loudspeaker market in the 1960s? Who built the world’s largest, most ambitious, and most expensive loudspeaker system (it weighed 12 tons)? Why did it take nine years for Avantgarde Acoustics to develop the Trio horn loudspeaker? How did state-of-the-art bicycle design influence the loudspeakers of Raidho Acoustics? How did Canada’s National Research Council shape the high-end speaker industry? Why did loudspeaker design shift from scientific laboratories to enthusiasts’ garages in the 1950s? Find out these interesting answers and much, much more!

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