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Aavik Acoustics M-380 Class A Mono Amplifier

Brand: Aavik

Product Code : M-380

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The Aavik M-380 features a unique non-switching efficient Class A output section where the bipolar output devices never stop conducting current. This means that the short feedback loop in the amplifier circuitry never has to deal with switching spikes and device latching.

The Aavik M-380 has an ultra short and simple signal circuit design, where all gain and feedback is performed by a single transistor pair. This short signal path gives the Aavik M-380 a unique gain structure with more than 90-degree phase margin for absolute amplifier stability.

The M-380 has four 500W power factor corrected resonant mode power supplies. The 2000W total power supply combined with the extremely large electrolytic power banks, allow the Aavik M-380 to deliver peak currents in excess of 80A.

The Aavik M-380 design is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, with simplistic functionality and minimalistic looks. It is made from machined solid bars of anodized aluminum, which gives it a stunning matte dark gunmetal finish. Internally we use copper elements in order to prevent chassis hysteresis loops from forming. The large curved circular rocker switch centered on the front is used to toggle between inputs and switching the Aavik M-380 amplifier on and off.

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