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Wolf Cinema TXF-900 4K Projector

Brand: Wolf Cinema

Product Code : TXF-900

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Wolf Cinema is pleased to present the first in our Theater Extreme series of home theater projectors – the TXF-900. Built around matched sixth-generation D-ILA® (Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) imaging panels, the TXF-900 is designed to produce amazing, lifelike images from all your favorite SD, HD and Ultra HD (4K) sources. Suitable on home theater screens up to 14’ wide, the TXF-900 produces film-like imaging with ultra-deep contrast levels and natural color renditions. Each unit is carefully built, tested and hand-calibrated at the factory with Wolf Cinema’s custom gamut and gamma settings, so that each unit can look its very best – right out of the box. The TXF-900 incorporates our precision VariScope™ lens memory system. This unique technology implementation enables quick access to preferred film and television aspect ratios – ex., 1.78:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1 etc. – no external anamorphic lens is required. Now you can enjoy that immersive CinemaScope® widescreen viewing without those unwanted top/bottom “black bars” on appropriate 2.35:1 aspect ratio screens. The TXF-900 is housed in an elegant black all-metal cabinet, which also serves as a highly-efficient thermal infrastructure for extended projector and lamp life. Multiple whisper fans keep the light engine at optimum temperatures by routing air in a rear-to-front design. The optional ProScaler MK IV (when included known as the TXF-900 Ultra 4K ensemble) can serve as the nexus for one’s entire 4K ecosystem. Four HDMI 4K60p inputs and four outputs – all at 18Gbps throughput – facilitate connection to both the projector and other system components. Advanced processing and signal management ensures the very best picture possible from your SD, HD and Ultra HD (4K) sources.
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