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Gryphon Antileon EVO Stereo Amplifier

SKU: Antileon EVO Stereo

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Experience the ultimate in high-performance audio with the Gryphon Antileon Evo III Class A Stereo Power Amplifier. Crafted with precision and care, this amplifier is engineered to deliver an uncompromising, dynamic sound experience that captures every nuance of your music.

Featuring proprietary ultra-low noise power supplies and a fully balanced, zero negative feedback design, the Antileon Evo III produces an incredibly accurate and detailed sound. The amplifier boasts three pairs of paralleled output transistors per channel, ensuring that the Antileon Evo III can handle any load with ease.

The Gryphon Antileon Evo III is not only technically superior, but it is also visually stunning. Its sleek and stylish design, featuring an illuminated front panel and solid metal construction, exudes luxury and sophistication, making it the perfect addition to any high-end audio system.

Whether you're a classical music enthusiast, a jazz aficionado, or a rock and roll fanatic, the Gryphon Antileon Evo III Class A Stereo Power Amplifier is designed to deliver an unparalleled listening experience that will leave you breathless. Experience the ultimate in high-fidelity sound with the Gryphon Antileon Evo III Class A Stereo Power Amplifier.

  • 2 x 150 Watts Pure Class A
  • Fully balanced input and Voltage Amplifier Stage (VAS)
  • 40 High current bipolar output transistors
  • 670,000 µF power capacitor bank
  • Newly developed ultrafast J-FET input stage
  • Custom-developed ultra-low noise regulated power supply for voltage amplifier stage (VAS).
  • DC servo circuitry with Mundorf RXF Polypropylene capacitors for power supply decoupling
  • Takman REY precision resistors
  • Flat frequency response to beyond 350 kHz
  • Gryphon Guideline Reference gold-embedded silver internal wiring
  • Custom-built separate toroidal transformers
  • Shielded, epoxy-damped transformer casings suspended for effective vibration isolation
  • Separate power supply for display and control circuits
  • No output relays
  • Frequency-independent damping factor
  • Proprietary Gryphon double binding posts
  • Automatic Green Class A bias setting or manual Low/High bias selection
  • AC power status and polarity display
  • Rigid mechanical structure
  • Microprocessor-controlled non-invasive "smart" protection system
  • Double sealed, mil spec PCB with 105 µm copper traces
  • Upgradeable microprocessor software.

Gryphon Audio Designs is a Danish high-end audio equipment manufacturer founded in 1985 by Flemming E. Rasmussen. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, loudspeakers, and other audio accessories.

Gryphon's products are designed for audiophiles and audio professionals who demand the highest levels of sound quality from their audio equipment. The company's amplifiers, in particular, are highly regarded for their ability to deliver high-power output with low distortion and noise. Gryphon also offers loudspeakers that are designed to deliver accurate and detailed sound with wide frequency response and low distortion.

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