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Gryphon Commander Stereo Preamplifier

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Product Description

Experience the pinnacle of high-performance audio engineering with the Gryphon Commander Power Amplifier. This amplifier embodies major advances in many sonically-critical areas, including a high-precision, extremely low noise voltage reference and fully discrete linear power supplies.

The Gryphon Commander Power Amplifier is designed with Gryphon's extraordinary Pandora preamplifier as its starting point. The Commander shares Pandora's Dual-Mono layout with separate chassis for signal and power supply circuitry. Pandora’s single-ended Class A input buffer is retained, yielding sound that is exceptionally transparent, fast, natural and open. Neither preamplifier employs any global negative feedback.

Featuring four custom-made toroidal transformers, engineered for minimal noise, the Gryphon Commander Power Amplifier delivers an unrivaled listening experience. Its distinctive finish symbolizes the authority and vitality of its music reproduction, setting new standards in crucial aspects such as timing, bass control, dynamic expansion, and transparency.

The Gryphon Commander Power Amplifier's 4.3" TFT capacitive touch display provides an utterly intuitive user interface, and volume can be controlled from either the front-panel display or the included Gryphon IR remote control. Customized system set-up is facilitated by extensive menu control of functions such as start-up level, left/right channel balance, maximum volume level, source level matching, input naming, display brightness, dedicated AV-throughput for integration with Home Theater systems, output level and Green Bias adjustment for use with Gryphon power amplifiers.

With the Gryphon Commander Power Amplifier, you’re in control! Take command of the world’s finest audio system, only from Gryphon.

The distinctive finish of the Gryphon Commander and its companion Apex power amplifier symbolizes the authority and vitality of their music reproduction, which set new standards in such crucial aspects as timing, bass control, dynamic expansion and transparency. Commander’s power supply includes four custom-made toroidal transformers—two per stereo channel—engineered for minimal noise. Two of these (one per channel) power the dual-mono preamplifier circuits while the second pair are reserved for upcoming Gryphon source components, thereby ensuring a future-proof upgrade path.

Gryphon Audio Designs is a Danish high-end audio equipment manufacturer founded in 1985 by Flemming E. Rasmussen. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, loudspeakers, and other audio accessories.

Gryphon's products are designed for audiophiles and audio professionals who demand the highest levels of sound quality from their audio equipment. The company's amplifiers, in particular, are highly regarded for their ability to deliver high-power output with low distortion and noise. Gryphon also offers loudspeakers that are designed to deliver accurate and detailed sound with wide frequency response and low distortion.

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