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Torus Power Voltage Regulator

Brand: TORUS | Product Code: TOT AVR


Torus Power’s “TOT” Series consists of three compact models that bring toroidal power conditioning to a new price point. Compact in size, affordable for most applications and packed with features, the TOT Series is an easy choice to improve performance of all audio and video systems.

The TOT AVR, rated at 10 amps, provides automatic voltage regulation, thereby enhancing protection against voltage sags, brownouts and surges; plus Smart Ethernet connectivity and RS232 interface. Ideal for home theater receivers and 2-channel audio systems. Torus TOT AVR will keep the output constant within the range of 115 Volts to 125Volts, with an input voltage of 90V to 130V. Between 85V to 90V.
Torus Power Voltage Regulator
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