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RHA T10i In-Ear Headphones

Brand: RHA | Product Code: T10i


The RHA T10i redefines the standards of in-ear headphone performance and build quality with an advanced, handmade driver contained within ergonomic, injection moulded steel housings. The T10i's dynamic driver (model 770.1) is capable of producing engaging, high-resolution sound, with a tuning filter system to emphasise bass or treble frequencies according to music preferences.

The T10i's handmade dynamic driver (model 770.1) is engineered to offer engaging, powerful audio and to deliver full range, highly detailed audio reproduction for all genres of music. The RHA T10i has been Hi-Res Audio certified by Japan Audio Society.

RHA’s T20i features a choice of three pairs of tuning filters for sound signature customization. Bass filters emphasize low frequencies for genres such as rok, hip-hop and EDM, while treble filters bring out upper frequency detail in classical, acoustic jass or jazz tracks. The silver reference filters offer neutral, balanced sound reproduction.
RHA T10i In-Ear Headphones
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