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Peachtree deepblue2 Music System

Brand: PEACHTREE | Product Code: deepblue2


Great Sound Everywhere

Out of the box, deepblue's bass is set at a level that achieves the best balance of bass output for most situations. You will find that bass output is greatly affected by walls and surfaces within close proximity to deepblue, especially if you place it in a corner which will boost bass and make it too much of a good thing.
deepblue bass control
On the included remote, you’ll find Bass + and Bass - buttons which allow you to adjust deepblue's bass for your room. Once set, deepblue remembers your last setting so all you have to do is turn it on and press play.

Full and Safe Sound at Any Setting

deepblue tracks the incoming music signal for its continuous and peak signals to provide clear distortion-free sound at any volume. The Digital Signal Processor adjusts frequency response for full sound at low volume settings and will activate compressors to lower dangerous peak signals when the music is being played at loud volumes. This ensures great sound and reliable performance.

With only three buttons on deepblue, and only 12 on the included remote, anyone can use deepblue and use it to its fullest capability within seconds. Bluetooth sources with AVRCP (like the iPhone) can be controlled by the remote for functions like track skip and play/pause. Simply point the IR remote at deepblue and it will change tracks, even if your phone is in another room!

High Performance Drivers

Achieving the deep, powerful sound of deepblue from such a small box required five custom designed drive units. Massive magnets and large voice coils are used to provide control and to handle large amounts of power. Materials optimal to the task were specified at each step of the design process.

The 6.5” bass driver is a long excursion design that can excite the air like no other driver its size. Due to its high output, a paper cone was selected for its high stiffness-to-mass ratio which prevents the cone from flexing and outperforms metal and other exotic materials in this respect. You hear not only full bass, but bass that is tight and accurate.
deepblue mid-range and tweeter

The two 3” mid-range drivers don’t need to move as much air but they still must act as a perfect piston, plus have wide sound dispersion. The mid-range drivers use inverted aluminum cones which dissipate voice coil heat build-up allowing them to operate at their ideal temperature.

The two 1” tweeters are a soft-dome material with a smooth extended frequency response that sounds more natural than metal-dome tweeters. Large ¾” voicecoils allow them to handle the amount of power needed for them to keep up with the output of the other drivers so the highs don’t get lost in the mix.
Peachtree deepblue2 Music System
Peachtree deepblue2 Music SystemPeachtree deepblue2 Music SystemPeachtree deepblue2 Music System
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