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Peachtree BT1 Bluetooth DAC

Brand: PEACHTREE | Product Code: BT1


The BT1 offers exceptional performance and is much more than a run-of-the-mill Bluetooth receiver. It uses the aptX® audio codec which allows Bluetooth to deliver the full bandwidth of music for outstanding audio quality. And unlike typical Bluetooth receivers the BT1 uses a pure digital signal path and top-flight internal components such as a Wolfson® DAC and a dual stage power supply to achieve the cleanest sound possible from Bluetooth.

In addition to its superior audible performance, the BT1 Bluetooth Receiver provides an advantage over having Bluetooth built into your primary audio component. Because it’s a stand-alone device you can easily position the BT1 for optimum wireless reception. If your audio equipment is hidden away inside a cabinet behind doors you can place the BT1 out in the open for maximum wireless range.

While the BT1 can be used with any audio system, it is the perfect partner for a Peachtree novaSE integrated amplifier. Using the BT1’s included USB power cable you can directly power the BT1 from the novaSE. In this setup the BT1 will turn on and off in sync with your novaSE integrated amp. Slick!
Peachtree BT1 Bluetooth DAC
Peachtree BT1 Bluetooth DACPeachtree BT1 Bluetooth DACPeachtree BT1 Bluetooth DAC
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