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Naim CD555 Reference CD Player

Brand: NAIM | Product Code: CD555
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The CD555 is our reference CD player, the finest we have ever made. It’s a statement of our engineering excellence, a showcase for our core beliefs. Of course, it’s a fast, detailed and dynamic-sounding performer: anything less would be fundamentally at odds with who we are and what we do. But more than any one particular aspect of its presentation, the CD555’s genius is the way it brings each disparate strand of your music together into one fluid, natural and involving performance. This, we believe, is how hi-fi should sound.

Massive aluminium chassis to minimise resonance and vibration

Critical electronics suspended on a brass sub chassis via coil springs

Low-resonance CD clamping system using rare-earth magnetic puck

Non-reflective coatings used around the

CD mechanism to reduce interference and noise

Shielded enclosure to isolate DACs, plus separate low-jitter clock circuit with its own power supply

Separate high-performance power supply (555 PS) to isolate sensitive electronics from electromagnetic interference

Hand-built from carefully selected components
Naim CD555 Reference CD Player
Naim CD555 Reference CD PlayerNaim CD555 Reference CD PlayerNaim CD555 Reference CD PlayerNaim CD555 Reference CD Player
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